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Getting Started

What is Breadboard?

Breadboard is a software platform that helps electronics manufacturers automate and optimize their supply chain. Feel free to reach out to see a live demo.

Who is Breadboard Built For?

Breadboard is designed specifically for quoting, procurement, sales and supply chain teams at electronics manufacturers. Both Electronics OEMs and EMS companies alike of all sizes. If you don't fit into those roles/organizations but still want to explore Breadboard, feel free to reach out.

How does Breadboard Handle Security and Compliance?

Breadboard supports clients who work with the military, healthcare companies and more. If you need us to support your ITAR compliance or any other credentials, please let us know and we can get it set up for you.

Can Breadboard work with my existing systems and suppliers?

Yes. Breadboard integrates with over 200 suppliers out of the box with API integrations, can send an RFQ to any supplier who has an email address, and can integrate with any CRM or ERP systems using our webhooks and APIs.

How long does it take to get implemented?

Breadboard can get you up and running in as quick as 24 hours. If there are specific ERP or CRM integrations you would like this may take a bit longer, but most of our clients are seeing value and are fully trained within 24-48 hours after deciding to move forward.

How much Does Breadboard Cost?

Breadboard works to support clients large and small by providing pricing dependent on the size of your organization as well as the projected ROI we both find together. While it is not free, price has never been a barrier if there is shared agreement on value.